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Dedicated Media has a strong, nationwide sales team that holds deep relationships with many of the biggest advertising agencies.
As the CPA network of Dedicated Media, this means CPADNA gets the big branded campaigns and remains a trusted traffic source.

CPADNA works to optimize campaigns for our affiliates as well, providing consultation and affiliate marketing tips to advertisers and allowing them to structure a campaign for maximum success. By screening hundreds of offers a month and only on-boarding the best of the best, we can save our affiliates from wasting time pushing poor performing campaigns. We also utilize sophisticated lookalike modeling to achieve optimal performance when it comes to matching affiliates with campaigns, allowing our affiliates to focus on the campaigns with the greatest chances of success. Our affiliate network offers a robust and scalable tracking system as well; one that is quick, powerful, and can easily handle vast amounts of traffic.

Here at CPADNA we take a very strong stance on fraud and running a clean network, which allows us to keep advertising partners longer and allow our good affiliates to build long, sustainable relationships. We also pride ourselves on providing good, old fashioned, friendly hands-on service from knowledgeable industry experts that are committed to partnering with you, growing your business, and serving as your affiliate marketing guide.

Sign up with our CPA affiliate network or contact us to discuss the ways in which we can work together and grow your business.

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